Day 3: Fatty

Update on Fatty September 9, 2021 Day Three: Fatty’s right! This food sucks and I want a Big Mac…and fries…a Dr. Pepper….and a McFlurry!

What am I doing?

Why am I even doing this?

My husband doesn’t get after me about my weight and who else do I need to impress?

My doctor says “You’re too fat to be this healthy. But it’ll catch up with you sooner or later.”

To him, I say “Later works for me Doc!”


I want to walk up one flight of stairs without gasping.

I want to chase after my baby grands without needing my rescue inhaler.

Can’t leave home without it! πŸ™

I want to be able to push them on the swings, slide down the slides (first I’d have to be able to fit inside the slides though.)

I want to be able to dance the whole song of Baby Shark with my grands, not just half a song-because that’s all I can handle!

I also don’t want my husband to quit the program and I know he will if I do.

His weight has significantly impacted his health. His “later” is now πŸ™

If only I’d just give in to Fatty, hubby and I could be off to Taco Bell-after getting my Big Mac, fries, DP, and McFlurry that is!

I did go to the gym today though so that’s something…right?

Pre-bathroom run lol
Post bathroom run so 29 minutes and 38 seconds total….hey, when you got to pee, you got to pee!

I can do this. I can…I will.

Overview of my day:

Take that Fatty!

Gotta go, Fatty’s trying to steal my car keys with her grubby little hands.

(Me yelling:) We are not going to Taco Bell Fatty!

You thought I was joking. She knows where they are.

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