Day 9: Feeling Good

Update on Fatty: Sept.15, 2021 Day Nine:

I’m feeling so good even though Fatty’s still craving raw white onion slices with salt and pepper…GROSS!!! She is so weird!

Off to the gym!

I have less of an appetite during the day, zero hunger pains.

Inner fatty doesn’t seem to mind the food as much now…thank goodness those fits are over with!

Struggled with Fatty when I drove by Dairy Queen today, but she was content with a silky peanut butter and chocolate chip bar (it’s NOT as good as it sounds, but it’s not too bad.)

Tastes a lot better now than it did a week ago, I promise you that!

Did I mention I lost 8 pounds the first week?

Doing a lot better with getting 64 ounces of water consumed-packet of lemon for each fill up on my water bottle definitely helps as water tastes like…well, cold nothing πŸ™‚

For dinner, I made myself (you’re shocked aren’t you?)

Scrambled eggs-2 whole eggs and 1 cup of liquid egg substitute

Guess where I made it?

Yes, in my Ninja Foodi XL grill. True story!

Felt good on the treadmill, even went a little longer today. I wasn’t planning to, but I did!

My energy level is insane and I’m a therapist so I’m qualified to say that lol

My workout summary

Part of why I’m feeling good: My workout attire:

A tank top-I don’t like nothing on my shoulders (even though I hate my arm fat)

Workout pants from Walmart-the ones that have the cell phone pocket and

My Nike’s.

Don’t make fun of my Nike’s-I have other ones, but these are my go-to for gym shoes.

My go-to gym shoes

Rewards for Fatty:

For not making me puke after working out (yes, she has made me do that before)

She got to enjoy a ten-minute hydro massage.

You’re welcome Fatty!

Today’s highlighted fueling (this is new, I know lol)

Cinnamon sugar sticks which I have come to love!

Just don’t suck all the cinnamon off before chewing and you’ll skip the cardboard feel/taste of them πŸ™‚

Product highlight of the day

By the way, did I happen to mention I lost 8 pounds and that I’m feeling good? πŸ™‚

Bedtime snack:

Italian Herb and Cheese Crunchers (I love these!) and a Decadent Chocolate Brownie with Greek Yogurt chips.

Fatty gets happy when she bites into one of those yogurt chips!

Remember, I’m a night-time snacker, so for me to have my two bedtime snacks, I don’t eat every two or three hours as recommended (yikes!)

I’m a rebel, I know.

Hey-did I mention I lost 8 pounds in one week? lol

Overview of my day:

Fatty lost!

I am feeling good! Mentally I am strong, my energy level is off the charts, and my emotions are incredibly positive!

This is not due to Optavia or even the 8-pound weight loss though, it’s because of God. He is so good to me!

Fatty wants her bedtime snack and she’s been really good so…see you guys tomorrow!

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