Day 93: Where Does The Fat Go?

December 8, 2021: Where does the fat go? I’ve lost thirty-eight and a half pounds… how did I get rid of it?

Where’d the fat go?

I thought, I peed and pooed it out…

The only reason I started to question how my fat left my body…

was that I kept noticing my urine was dark yellow and I believed that I was hydrating well, so I started with a hypothesis…

Does fat leaving your body turn your urine dark yellow?

And discovered…

It does not!


There goes my hypothesis!

Then how does fat exit bodies?

I found an article that explains the process…

It is NOT the way you think-if you think like I do lol

You are not going to believe this…

Yes, I did put butterfly stickers all over my toilet-it matches my bathroom theme-don’t judge me lol

Yep, we excrete fat through our exhales!

Crazy huh?

I’ve been forcefully exhaling ever since I read that article!

Think that will hellp me to lose more weight? lol

Hey-maybe that’s part of the reason smokers gain weight once they quit!

They’re no longer exhaling like they (and when I say “they”, I mean me cause yes…I’m still smoking lol) did when they were actively smoking!

Did I just stumble on to a scientific finding???

Probably not, but it is an interesting concept lol

The article gives new meaning to the words; “Just breathe!” lol

I found it informative and I hope you did too!

Drop a comment below and let me know what you thought about it!

Today’s weigh in video:

Today is supposed to be gym day…

But I am so not feeling it!

If I decide not to go today, I will go tomorrow…

Have to get my three gym days in every week.

An overview of my day:

insert pic

If you’d like to read tomorrow’s post, click the link below:

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