Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to my blog!  

I’m Raynee. I am a wife to a husband I probably don’t deserve, a mother of two amazing adult children, a Mimi to seven awesome grandbabies, a counselor, a business owner, a woman of integrity and honor, but most importantly I am not just a Christian, but a Christian who is in a committed relationship with God. 

This is me!

There are three sections to this website: 1) God posts which pertain to the soul, 2) Integrity and Honor posts which pertain to the mind and 3) Weight loss posts which pertain to the body. 

God posts represent my journey with God culminating in a relationship with Him that means everything to me. The posts include my failures, my feable attempts to control others, and the struggles I’ve had (and continue to have) with being a “good” Christian. 

Joyce Myers said; “Being a Christian isn’t about making a weekly trip to church. We need to develop the character of God so others can actually see Jesus working in a practical way.” 

She said that here on day 40: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/199-promises-for-your-everyday-life 

So, how does one develop the character of Jesus? 

This is where the Integrity and Honor (I & H) posts and courses come into play. The Integrity and Honor posts attempt to answer this question of how to develop a character like Jesus with actual steps one can take.  

Emphasis is placed on parents because they are the ones who fight for their families, I want to help arm them, aid them in this battle! 

There are courses for anyone that wants to become a person of integrity and honor though, so no one is left out! 

If you’d like to check out an integrity and honor post, click the link below: 


The weight loss posts depict my weight loss journey working the Optavia program. I’ve tried to include relevant articles, daily weigh in pictures or videos, as well as what the journey has been like mentally. 

Click the link below to get a feel for the weight loss journey posts:


Did I mention I’m a licensed professional counselor lol?  

I am so glad you are here and I pray that we can accomplish much together.  

Welcome to my blog! 

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